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Muskoka chairlift postcard

Muskoka Chair Lift
Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) over Lake Vernon, Muskoka District, Canada.

Muskoka Chair Lift is sold as a postcard for Cdn$2.50 plus applicable taxes and shipping. Volume discounts available. Wholesale prices for retailers. Phone, write or email Lorrie for more information or to order (contact info at right).


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Fox kit photograph by Diane Biggs

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Greetings! Winking Toad™ is a website featuring inventions snatched from the swashbuckling imagination of artist Lorrie Szekat of Algoma District, Ontario, Canada.

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Cyber-hop through Winking Toad™ and find a Volkswagen Beetle sizzling sunnyside up in a frying pan, meet a trio of cinnamon-roll snails, discover the entomological wonders of Christmas Island, and more!

Winking Toad’s BOOKS page contains Lorrie’s absurdly famous frolicsome Spoon Scroll.

Lorrie merrily tackles commissions for original artwork. Zany challenges are welcomed.

To contact Lorrie Szekat (pronounced SHAY-kat, shay to rhyme with “hay” and kat as in “meow”), please e-mail her at


“That’s one small hop for a Toad, one giant leap for Imagination.”

Toads sing in long musical monotone trills from wetlands in Spring. Each male sings his love song in slightly different pitch. Toads were the first land animals with vocal chords and sang before birds did.


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