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Sketching Dandelions

“Lorrie Sketching Dandelions”
Lorrie loves being in Nature, especially the tanglier wild places few dare to explore. She has a theory that the sudden explosive bursts of spooked ruffed grouse are responsible for more human deaths by heart attack than black bears ever caused. When she was shorter, she was an avid tree-climber and frog-hunter (catch and release).

Dancing Bear

“Lorrie Dancing with a Bear”
Weary of static, say-cheese, smiley-faced portraits that merge into a lump of jaw-dislocating yawns? Lorrie creates portraits of individuals and groups crackling with mirth — unforgettable, effervescent images with myriad applications. Anyone who can invent 1024 things to do with a spoon (in a shockingly brief time, too … see BOOKS page) can brew up a radiant portrait for you. Lorrie’s brain is always percolating with quirky ideas. If you need a dazzling image, you’ve found your artist!

Lorrie Szekat learned how to swim from a library book. In ballpoint pen she sometimes connects the seven freckles on her left arm to form the Big Dipper constellation.

She drives a 1987 Peugeot bicycle with Kevlar tires … as a precaution against snapping turtles. And alligators.

Walking and inter-library-loaning books are two activities in which Lorrie indulges on an epic scale.

Lorrie studied at the University of Ottawa (Ontario) and has earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and a Diploma in Graphic Design from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

She frequently awakens in the middle of the night from laughing aloud while dreaming.

“Rapunzel at the Steer-Roping Competition”

The origin of the word “toad” is lost. “Tadpole” derives from Middle English and means “toad that is all head.” Makes them sound quite brainy, doesn’t it? “Polliwog” translates as “wiggle head.”

Toads are neither ugly nor cause warts. They resemble a exceptionally pretty lump of gravel except they’re alive. Toads have soft, plump, cool tummies. Sometimes they chirp when you pick them up.

Of all eyes, toad eyes are most beautiful. Toads have horizontal pupils, a deep india-ink, liquid black, reflecting the azure sky and rimmed with metallic gold flecks, like finely wrought filigree. They are intelligent eyes, full of toad wisdom. Toads enjoy almost 360 degrees of bulging vision.

In ancient China a three-legged toad was the symbol of the moon. It was believed the toad swallowed the moon during lunar eclipses.

German violinists in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries affectionately patted the backs of European green toads (Bufo viridis) to dry their sweaty hands during concerts. Toads as antiperspirant!

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