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Snooty Snail Lady

“Snooty Snail Lady” Featuring a trio of soccer-playing snails being snubbed by an aloof Pre-Raphaelite beauty sipping coffee and attired in a cumbersome gown and impractical shoes, this image (originally in pencil) illustrated the phrase “Grown-ups don’t like to play with snails” for a book of children’s poems.

 Pop Rocket

“Pop Rocket” The moon is composed of cheese. Mice take a culinary interest in cheese. Cats take a culinary interest in mice. If given a chance, any cat would make a fairly decent astronaut. This art is from a story of Lorrie’s. The protagonist is a maralade orange tabby named Hastings.

Toad Fact: Toads absorb moisture from the earth through a specialized bum patch. This allows toads hop far from water. They enjoy travel and are solitary adventurers.

“Bubbles and Spots” Trees and ponds and irridescent insects are in themselves enough to inspire a shimmering imagination.

Bubbles and Spots


A second gallery page is under construction, to feature art rendered in a more realistic style. Some of these works will be available for purchase. Hop back soon!

Bean Skiing

“Bean Skiing?” Lorrie’s 2001 Christmas card depicts herself, her husband, Gary, and a novel use of beans. One of Gary’s bamboo ski poles ends in a fork. If you need sprightly art, whatever the occasion, you need Lorrie!


“Serengeti Curling Irons” When giraffes tangle with the rare but ferocious Serengeti curling iron.

“Christmas Island Fireflies” come in different colours. Burnt-out bugs can often be restored by twisting their bulbs counterclockwise (clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere due to the Coriolis effect). Depending on their wattage, fireflies can be domesticated and used for illumination or lightly toasting marshmallows.

Christmas Island Fireflies

Toadstool Tourists

“Toadstool Tourists” Whenever people collect, awestruck by the phenomenon before them, a cat invariably walks nonchalantly past. Whistling.

“Cinnamon Roll Snails, Atlin, British Columbia” The biggest hurdle in creating this digital image was sneaking cinnamon rolls past the guy responsible for making sure nobody messed up the scanner!

Cinnamon Roll Snails

Burning Rubber

“Burning Rubber” Buttercup-yellow Volkswagen beetles bear an uncanny resemblance to fried eggs sunny side up. Old Volkswagen campers remind Lorrie of toasters …

Lorrie’s art can be found in the most interesting of places, from sun-dappled, tree-striped, verandah-hugged Muskoka cottages to hip and swanky Toronto offices.

The Town of Huntsville (Ontario) purchased a portrait Lorrie painted of her neighbour Norm, as part of its Millennium Art Treasures Collection.

Lorrie has been long enthralled by Norm’s stories of the old days when he rode the stately steamboats that plied the north Muskoka Lakes.

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